Romanian Inventors Forum (FIR) develops the following activities:
          - scientific research in various fields (medicine, chemistry, materials science, environmental protection, engineering etc.);
          - patenting inventions (literature search, invention describtion, drawings);
          - organizing events (invention exhibitions, workshop, courses);
          - publishing articles, books and scientific journals;
          - courses and trainings;
          - evaluations (expertise, compatibility studies, impact studies, etc.);
          - promotion of inventions and products (at national and international exhibitions and fairs);
          - development of products for implementation.

FIR is involved in various International Projects.


Romanian Inventors Forum is official delegate for the following events, and not only:

INOVA - Zagreb (HR)
INPEX - Pittsburgh PA (USA)
CIGIF - Seoul (KR)
i-ENVEX - Perlis(MY)
KIDE Kaohsiung (TW)
ISIF Istanbul(TR) ISIF Istanbul(TR)
Thailand Inventors Day - Bangkok (TH)
NEW TIME - Sevastopol (RU)
INFOINVENT - Chisinau (MD)
PROINVENT - Cluj-Napoca(RO)


EUROINVENT is organised by Romanian Inventors Forum
Europe Direct Iasi
Gh. Asachi Technical University of Iasi

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi
Europe Direct Iasi  Romanian Inventors Forum
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University  Gheorghe Asachi Technical University

International Journal of Conservation Science

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ROMANIAN INVENTORS FORUM (FIR) is a professional association with the purpose to support, stimulate, develop and valorize the scientifically, technically and artistically creativity of individuals or institutions from Romania and abroad.