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Leonardo da Vinci Project (2007-2009)

(European Project for evaluating the training level in small and medium enterprises
from Romania and other european countries)

     The new Leonardo da Vinci project, 3D Web-based learning and training in the field of the Enterprise Product Lifecycle (3DWebEPL) has the aim to transfer and to adapt the 3D innovative content and results from previous Leonardo WEBD project to improve SME vocational training system, promoting an efficient collaboration network over product development, focusing its attention on tools for sharing information and knowledge in various company divisions. The final product of the project will be a web platform for distance learning, based on 3D web technologies and usable by all the possible users on the European territory.
     Through the presence of modules oriented to the mechanical field and to the biomedical devices, a solid competence about CAD/CAE/CAM/Mock-up/PLMs techniques and medical equipment will be provided to SME employees and to other organizations, facilitating their collaboration in the development of new more complex and competitive products.
      The previous experience developed with the partners coming from the different countries of the European community, such as Romania, proves its engagement to supply this tool also in those countries (as Turkey) that need innovation in the technologies of product development in order to make them more competitive in the global economy.
      The main impact of the project will mainly concern high proficiency technicians training able to employ the new technologies for the product development, sharing the enterprise knowledge within the actors engaged in the design team.
     The courses are available after registration at:
     For Romanian users, the courses of medical devices are in romanian.
      What's new? There can be used interactive 3D technologies.
     From Iasi is Romanian Inventors Forum (FIR),
     For additional information contact the FIR project coordinator:
           Prof. Octavian Ciobanu:

Transfer the distance training methodology implemented in the previous project WEBD, based on the third dimension, to the a wide context:
- Exploiting new hardware and software potentialities
- Developing new training modules oriented to the SMEs that works in the sector of CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM/Mock-up, virtual validation of project, handbook management of enterprise and catalogs 3D on-line.

TARGET GROUPS technicians, engineers or people that work in the enterprises of the mechanical industrial sector, with at least an high school certification and interested to:
- acquire new competencies
- achieve superior formal credit certifications

PARTN  P1. Politecnico di Torino
               P2. Consorzio Scuola Comunità Impresa P2. Consorzio Scuola Comunità Impresa
               P3. Fondazione Novara Sviluppo
               P4. Romanian Inventors Forum -(Forumul Inventatorilor Romani)
               P5. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
               P6. Gazi University

DURATION:                24 MOUNTH                START: 15/11/2007                FINISH: 14/11/2009



P1, P2, P5:

P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6:

Project organization and technical-scientific topics management, meetings organization, quality and monitoring system details definition
Project synthesis definition
Development of a mailing list of those organizations, that can be the users of the innovation transfer, aim of the project at national and international level. Promote the project in each organization
Overview of partner aims and activities.
Quality and Monitoring System program
P1, P2, P5: Project management, project reports delivery and communication maintenance with the project partners Detailed operational project schedule.
Procedure guidelines for the evaluation, monitoring and implementation of the partner technical reports, in order to facilitate the cooperation and the experiences exchanges. facilitate the cooperation and the experiences exchanges.
Dissemination plan for all the project phases for identifying and stimulating the potential users
P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6: Participation to the monitoring activities that will be managed together Raport de activitate

P1, P2:

P1, P3, P4, P6:

Technical/Scientific Project management

Identification of the enterprises for the submission of a questionary for needs analysis about the mechanical context, implementation of the questionary and results analysis.

Detailed enterprise needs report
Report of the Potential user profiles and of the different needs coming from the different countries


P1, P2, P3, P4, P5:

P1, P2, P5:

Technical/Scientific Project management

New virtual reality technologies evaluation for the distance training platform

Training platform implementation both from a topic point of view (modules) both from a technological point of view

Training profiles definition documents
Comparative study of the possible virtual reality solutions for the distance training process
Training modules
User manual for the distance training platform use
Papers promoting the distance training platform
P3, P4, P6:
P1, P2, P5:
Technical/Scientific Project management
Training platform testing involving schools and enterprises and acquired competencies evaluation
Training platform testing support
Distance Training platform demo
Competencies acquired analysis report


P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6:

Technical/Scientific Project management

Project innovative topics dissemination

Final Report
Final conference proceedings
Dissemination documents


Director: Prof.univ.dr.eng. Octavian CIOBANU

1 Ion SANDU Professor Research
2 Gabriela CIOBANU Professor Research
3 Viorica VASILACHE Researcher Research
4 Andrei Victor SANDU Engineer Administration
5 Viorel TANASA Economist Administration


1. O. CIOBANU, S. TORNINCASA, E. VEZETTI, INTERACTIVE IMAGES IN 3D DESIGN, COMEFIM '9, The 9th International Conference on Mechatronics and Precision Engineering, 12th - 14th June 2008, IASI, Buletinul IPI, Tom LIV, fasc 10 (Constructii de masini);
2. O. CIOBANU, G. CIOBANU, Web based learning and training in the field of the enterprises product lifecycle using 3D technologies. Under press at The 5th International Scientific Conference eLSE - eLearning and Software for Education, BUCHAREST, April 09-10, 2009 (;
3. I. SANDU, N. SULITANU, I.C.A. SANDU, I.G. SANDU, "Iconographic image processing in 2D and 3D systems", in Proceedings of the Second European Conference on Intelligent Systems and Technologies ECIT 2002 and ROSYCS 2002, Ed. Performantica, Iasi, (ISBN 973-8075-20-3), tom II, (2002), p.601-618;